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The most comprehensive premium wildlife masterclass

The most comprehensive wildlife photography masterclass on the Internet


“This is my ultimate wildlife photography masterclass where I share hidden secrets behind my wildlife and nature photography with the leading wildlife photographers of the world.

– Konsta Punkka.

5 Adventures

Experience five thrilling adventures that plunge you into real action and extreme locations worldwide, from the Arctic to the Italian Alps, and from urban wildlife settings to capturing endangered species.

5 High-Quality eBooks

Access exclusive field notes from Arctic, urban, and mountainous terrains, detailing camera settings and gear used during each adventure.

5 Tutorials

Explore comprehensive tutorials featuring in-depth field notes from five diverse locations worldwide. Learn the art of capturing breathtaking wildlife and nature photographs in any environment.

5 Amazing Adventures

Take a journey with me and find out how the best photographers and I capture the most epic wildlife and nature portraits in the most authentic and extreme real-life shooting locations across the world. These locations take you from the arctic to the Italian Alps and from urban wildlife to finding endangered animals.

Snow & Arctic Eagle Island

This Island of eagles surrounded by the frozen sea and snowstorms make for magical, yet challenging surroundings for a photographer to capture that perfect shot. Explore the frozen archipelago and learn how to master special techniques for capturing great images of eagles, especially in the wild!

Artic & Extreme Wildlife of Lapland

Lapland hosts unique and beautiful wildlife, from beautiful moose to foxes and, of course, reindeer. But perhaps the most exotic is the endangered arctic fox.

Meet amazing arctic animals and discover the peace and tranquility of Lappish nature. Learn to master special techniques used in extreme conditions (-28°) and how to capture perfect images of northernlights.

Italian Apennine mountains & wildlife

Embark on an adventure to the Italian Apennines, a nature lover’s paradise, home to majestic deer, wolves, and chamois roaming the mountains.

Master the special techniques for capturing stunning portraits of Europe’s most beautiful wildlife

Autumn & Mystical Mysk Oxes

Majestic musk oxen in the fjords of Norway can be extremely dangerous, yet they are every photographer’s dream animal to photograph. Join Konsta and Lina on the adventure of a lifetime, capturing these incredible creatures amidst the autumn foliage.

Urban Foxes at the Abandoned Airport

The historically abandoned airport has transformed into a beautiful urban sanctuary for wildlife, from foxes to badgers and deer, as well as many other species adapting to urban environments.

Learn how to uncover endless wildlife photography opportunities in urban surroundings. Discover the hidden beauty of the urban habitats surrounding us every day, and learn techniques such as camera trapping.

5 High-Quality eBooks

From each trip, we have an ebook with authentic field notes for you to master the secret tips and tricks used in the most astonishing wildlife photographs in the world.

5 tutorials

Benefit from comprehensive tutorials filmed in five different locations across the world. Learn to capture amazing wildlife and nature photographs in any condition.

In these tutorials, Konsta and other top photographers from around the world will teach you all the secret tricks and tips to capture world-class wildlife and outdoor photos, helping you elevate your skills to the next level.

These five world-class tutorials include the secret techniques you need to master for capturing that perfect outdoor and wildlife photo in real life.

Masterclass User Reviews

Explore what our customers are saying — real stories, real experiences.

These masterclass documentaries are visually as inspiring as Konsta’s amazing photographs.

Great detailed tips for choosing the right gear and settings. Really appreciated the advice Konsta gave for approaching and monitoring the animals.

Marianna Järvinen / @mar1annaa
Outdoor Adventurer & Photo Hobbyist

A very well executed Masterclass!

Very inspirational to follow along on these adventures seeing all the hard work that goes behind capturing the perfect wildlife image.

Tobias Hägg / @airpixels

Knowing Konsta and his vision to wildlife photography is really eye-opening.

His masterclass perfectly conveys his experience with animals and his approach to capture them. Which is inspiring to learn from and also applicable to landscapes.

Hannes Becker / @hannes_becker
Outdoor Photographer

This is how an online course in wildlife photography should be in my opinion!

Out in the field, with the animals, instead of behind a desk with a whiteboard. This masterclass covers the wide range of techniques used in wildlife photography, not only how to use them but why to use them. Seeing the behind-the-scenes of the professional photographers is incredibly inspiring. Thoughtful, Professional and truly inspiring!

Olle Nilssonen / @ollenilssonen
Wildlife Photographer

The personal explanations and behind-the-scenes tips had me intrigued throughout the series

This masterclass brought to life the breathtaking scenery along with the attention to detail built up and atmosphere which made me feel like I was right there with Konsta.

Johannes Erkkilä / @johnographer
Photo Enthusiast


The most complete premium adventures and wildlife masterclass on the internet


The greatest adventure and wildlife masterclasses on the Internet